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Using Micorsoft Outlook Signatures for template emails

May 16, 2011 Leave a comment

As a loan originator it is important to use your time wisely.  Most of your time should be spent originating new loans and let’s face it writing emails can be extremely time-consuming. I am constantly trying to figure ways to save time and be as productive as possible.  In doing so I noticed that a lot of my emails are the same or very close to the same whether it be saying thank you, getting a potential client to fill out an application, requesting disclosures, etc.

A very simple way using Microsoft Outlook, pick a type of email that you use all the time, take the time to complete the email exactly the way you think it should be written including your full signature and save it as one of your Outlook Signatures.  This process is very easy and you can even go back to old emails and copy one that you know you will use often and paste it in the body of a new Outlook Signature.  The is little tick has not only saved me tons of time but changed my life!

Not sure how to set up a signature in Outlook? Go here: Outlook signature tutorial

Once you have completed a handful of Signature emails you will be able to insert the one you need at any given time.

Tip: When you start a new email, hover over your default signature and right-click to see a list of all your signatures.  This option will allow you to pick the signature of choice.

I hope you find tip useful.