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Add your signature to PDF disclosures free

May 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Let’s face it…as the world goes paperless so are loan originators.  The link I am providing will show you exactly how to create a signature and then show you step by step how to add it to a PDF document.  It is absolutely brilliant and the instructions are very easy to follow.  With this technique I was able to benefit in more ways than I can count.  Once you go through the steps few times it’s fairly quick to do and prevents you from having to print out documents to then scan them right back in.

It’s nice having an electronic signature period.  Below are few ways they can be used:

  1. Add to your Pre-Approval Letter template.
  2. Add to your disclosures before sending to your client.  This way it is on the document already when it is faxed or email back.
  3. Make an LOE (letter of explanation) template with your signature so your LOE is almost done before you even write it.
  4. Online document, letter or document sharing.

The link to an article that changed my life for the better: How to add your signature to a PDF

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