Join iOriginate Loans

Cali Mortgage is always looking to partner with a seasoned Loan Officer/Loan Originator.  Surround yourself around some of the best in the business and work for a premier lending source.

Why would you want to be a Mortgage Loan iOriginator at Cali Mortgage?  It’s simple:

1) First and foremost, I think it is extremely important to know that I am not just a Branch Manager but I am a top Originator averaging 8 units closed a month so you know I am right in the trenches along the side of you. This means my expectation for competitive rates, low closing cost, excellent processing and quick underwriting turn-times are that of an LO not a branch Manager. It is absolutely crucial to my own personal business that our pricing and turn times remain competitive. My personal production stems from marketing created by me which I will share all my marketing with the right Mortgage Originator. It is a fact you will close more deals per month just by working for Cali Mortgage. You may even get some of my spill over when we are that busy…

1)      Our new compensation structure remains competitive as always.

2)      Cali Mortgage is priced to compete across the board on all products (Agency Fixed, Agency ARMs, FHA and VA). In fact we are one of the only direct lenders I have ever run across that competes with Provident Funding rates on a daily basis.

3)      We have a dedicated processor exclusive to this Branch that is just as eager to fund your loan as you are and because we are a direct lender we get priority underwriting.  Basically, our processing style is to treat every loan like it’s an absolute urgent rush…seriously.  I always lock for 30 days, even on refinances including a re-subordination, and NEVER ever have to extend the lock. Example of fast turn-times: Last month my FHA Streamline refinance was originated on the 17th and funded on the 1st.

4)      You will have a desk at the office where you can come in to print, scan, drop off loan packages to processing, meet clients, etc. but your main office will be at the comfort of your own home.

5)      We have a paperless system that is very easy to use which makes working from home a breeze. With the use of today’s technology you will be blown away with how we price, package and deliver loans.

6)       If client doesn’t fit into any of our programs Cali Mortgage has the ability to broker deals out. We are approved with Plaza, Provident Bank, Flagstar, Wells Fargo and more!

7)      No upfront fees to borrower accept the underwriting fee of 695 for Agency/FHA and 595 for Streamline FHA.

8)      The list goes on but I will end it with this….we are approved with UNION Bank as well. If you are not sure how huge this is please ask…

Loan originators: Must be NMLS Licensed, of course. Actively closing loans and able to originate your own business by way of referrals, referral partners and marketing.  Being tech savvy would be a big plus as a lot of how I will help you close more loans ties in with computer skills. Please be prepared to double your income at Cali Mortgage-Your source for iOrigination.

I will require proof of closed transactions to the present date and look forward hearing from you. 888-334-6995.

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