The Real Deal

Most websites offering help for Mortgage Loan Originators aren’t originators themselves therefore how can you really trust the info you are reading?  It’s similar to the “Branch Manager” who wants to meet with their team once a week and sends out daily inspirational emails with supposedly great loan origination ideas but never closes any loans themselves.  This is just my take on the situation at hand but o me it’s kind like well if the ideas are so great than you should have a quite a nice pipeline to show for it.

Have you ever noticed a lot of manager and mortgage coaches tell you what to do but don’t tell your really what to do.  For instance you might be told you will become a success if you go out and find 5 referral partners but they won’t tell you specifically how to do it or your mortgage coach will give you a wide variety for marketing flyers.  This sounds great at first but then when try to put the flyers into action you find yourself stumped…where do I print? How do I bulk email with ending up in the junk folder? Who do I market to?  This is what I am talking about so after years and years of reading and listening to very outdated or vague ways to become a successful Loan Originator I decided to a develop a website that will truly help all Loan Originators.

iOriginate Loans is information by active originators that are closing high volume consistently.  This is for more the new-age, tech, paperless mortgage originator so it might not be your cup of tea bu we are the real deal.

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